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Horse Resting


GKM Equestrian is a wonderful place to rehab your injured horse or retire your equine partner. With 40 plus years of horse knowledge our team knows how to provide excellent proper care and pamper your partner.

Keeping injured horses happy, healthy and sane is not an easy task in the hustle and bustle of a busy show barn. Our quiet, low-key and relaxed atmosphere helps keep our horses calm and sane as they heal or enjoy their retirement.

Our feeding program uses the highest quality and most current feeds in the industry assuring your horse’s nutritional needs will be met. We will sit down with you and your veterinarian and customize a feeding, treatment, exercise and/or retirement plan just for you and your horse.


"My horse Felix has had a hind leg injury off and on (mostly on) for the past three years. Prior to his injuries, he was a competitive jumper and used to showing and working hard. I have always struggled to keep him sane and safe to be handled as not being able to work and jump made him extremely frustrated. When we arrived at GKM for the summer, Felix was still lame from recently re-injuring his leg. His time at the farm, however, completely changed him. We went from sedating him and turning him out in the round pen to taking him off all of the sedatives and turning him out in the big pasture! His attitude changed and he went back to being the sweet horse he had always been while working and sound. Half way through the summer he had healed up and was trotting sound and healthy again. He was even able to go on trail rides with his buddies! When we left at the end of the summer, I actually had difficulty loading him onto the trailer. He didn't want to leave!!! (And neither did I.) I cannot say enough good things about my time and experience at GKM."
—  Ciara Kazmierski

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